6 Celebrities with Great Watch Collections

celebrity watch collection

Not all celebrities are watch connoisseurs. However, their watch collection is surely intended to impress. And, most of the time, they impress very well. Who, among many celebrities, owns a luxury timepiece? Here are six of them.

Celebrities with the Best Watch Collection

1. Hailey Bieber & Rolex

celebrity watch hailey bieber

Rolex may be one of the most common luxury watches, but Hailey Bieber seems to know her game. Combined with her confident charisma, she manages to sport the watch and pull out effortlessly expensive style.

Hailey flashes the 28mm Lady-President Datejust in one of her social media posts. She uses the watch while enjoying the secret island beach on her vacation with her husband.

Aside from that, Hailey also wears a 36mm Oyster Perpetual Day-Date with a turquoise dial on her way to Miami to attend her friend's wedding. Wearing light blue jeans and a white tank top, the lavish watch instantly acts as a fashion statement and instantly boosts her look.

2. Oscar Isaac & Breitling

celebrity watch oscar issac

It's hard to call Oscar Isaac a celebrity who collects watches, but he has a wide collection of luxury watches that is worthy of attention. One of his possession is a Breitling Navitimer Chromo-Matic

The actor is spotted in a Star Wars interview wearing the 47mm timepiece with a vintage vibe. Aside from the Breitling watch, he also has an Omega, Cartier, and Rolex timepiece.

3. RM & Patek Philippe

celebrity watch Kim Namjoon BTS Boyband Korean K-POP

Being the leader of the biggest boy band indeed has its perk. Adding one name to the celebrity watch collection list is RM, and his favorite Patek Philippe watches.

RM, or Kim Namjoon, is famous for his fascination with intricate arts, and the fans have noticed it too. In his live streaming session or social media upload, RM often flashes his Patek Philippe possession. One of the pieces he owns is Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712R and Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5320G.

4. Dua Lipa & Cartier

celebrity watch dua lipa singer

What are the most common luxury watches celebrities wear? Panthère de Cartier may be the answer. The timepiece has been a go-to watch many celebrities choose since long ago. One of those celebrities is Dua Lipa, a prominent singer from England.

Lipa often flashes her watch at many events, from an ordinary photoshoot to a prestigious awarding event. Aside from Dua Lipa, other celebrities who wear the watch often are Bella Hadid, Sienna Miller, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

5. Justin Bieber & Audemars Piguet

celebrity watch justin bieber with his Audemars Piguet

Nothing is more exciting than buying a little something for your special day. However, for Justin Bieber, the "little something" refer to his gold Audemars Pigues Royal Oak 5402BA that he buys for his wedding day.

The timepiece that Bieber owns may easily be the most expensive celebrity watch and also the most iconic. The watch that came out more than 5 decades ago emanates a special charm that shows its value, that even those who don't wear a watch will know.

6. Alexander Skarsgard & Vacheron Constantin

celebrity watch Alexander Skarsgard and Vacheron Constantine

Not a lot of celebrities choose Vacheron Constantin as their wrist companion. However, it doesn't mean there is none at all. One among the few is Alexander Skarsgard, the actor of Tarzan in the movie The Legend of Tarzan.

Skarsgard is spotted using Vacheron Constantin Overseas while touring to promote the film. The 41mm watch has a blue dial and silver band, which resembles his style at the time.

Celebrity watch choices are a good inspiration for those who enjoy horology, especially for collectors. If they can impress people with their watch, so do you.

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